New Unwanted Permission added

i am going to update on of my app just with a little change , before my app wasn’t asking for location permission because i didn’t use anything which ask for location permission, while uploading i am seeing this, now question is, that why my app needs permission of Location when i am not using any sensor or location related thing,

and also showing that up to 1 thousand devices which supports my last update version is not able to support this version, my last update was before “Kodular Eagle”

Probably Ads need it

Eagle update 1.4.0

  • :exclamation: Bumped Minimum SDK from 16 to 19
    We needed to add more features, and it could only be possible increasing the Min SDK to Android 4.4



i was thinking about ads aslo, because before this update ads was not asking for permission , but now with unity ads commission system they may needs location permission

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