[New Update] Horti Calculator V1.4

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Horti Calculator

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Horti Calculators calculates important Farm Level calculation for both Agricultural and Horticultural fields.

  • Unit (Area, Weight, Temperature, Length, Solution etc) Conversion
  • Fertilizer Dose Calculation
  • Agrochemical Dose Calculation
  • Productivity Calculation
  • Soil Moisture Content Calculation
  • Seed Rate Calculation
  • Plant Population Calculation
  • Fertilizer Dose Calculation
  • Seed Purity Calculation


This Version (1.4) is Coming Soon released.

(I’m too much Noob in Video Editing. Forgive this disastrous Teaser :smiley::joy::rofl:)

App Store/Download link (Old Version 1.2):

For Old Version (1.3):
Thanks to @KodularCreator, Luke Gackle , @Kus_Zab , @CarlosPedroza27, @Jerin_Jacob, @Andres_Cotes, Ahmad_Mtrd, @Deep_Host for their extensions.

For Upcoming Version (1.4):
@KodularCreator, @Shreyash, @Deep_Host, @Andres_Cotes, @lukegackle @help_cttricks for their extensions.

Special Thanks to @Taifun for one of his guide.


Nice App. You created it very well. Try to improve your logo. Or I can create one for you just PM me. I can create awesome logo. I won’t charge anything. Just for you app. PM and get it.
PM - Private Message.

Actually see the date. It’s an old version. New version v1.4 is coming. Would you like to see it?

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New Update (V 1.4)


  • New Logo
  • New UI
  • Added New Calculations
  • Added Quiz on the calculation
  • Now Formulas are shown as Help Popup
  • Added ‘Click-To-Copy’ result
  • Now conversion of result to various unit is possible at a time.

App Link: Pending Update at PlayStore.

Till then enjoy the Teaser.


Hello Koders!

I am pleased to announce that Horti Calculator v1.4 is LIVE on Google Play. Thanks for all Love and Support. Update the App on Google Play Store, if not updated. Here are some glimpses of the app for you all:

:black_medium_square: Sidebar:

:black_medium_square: Unit Converter:

:black_medium_square: Plant Population Calculator:

:black_medium_square: Play Quiz:

:black_medium_square: Many More

How you have created broad bounding box around text box and hide text box underline please guide and also how you hide selection text in selection

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Just a Simple CardView

Playing with Block Section. Try it.

This is my version of Agriculture calculator with View pager i have developed in Hindi language


Can you create one for me?

Just PM him don’t go offtopic here :blush: