[New Update] Red Arena | Car Battle Game

Battle with other cars, Customize and Buy your warrior cars, upgrade, and fight, unlock attack cards, strengthen your fan-base, and many more in this car battle arena game.

  1. This is a beta version, few glitches and errors may be observed which will be fixed in future updates.
  2. Future updates will allow players to play online with other players in realtime.
  3. New Maps will be added soon

Your review and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks to kodular and all koders who helped me on this community forum.

PlayStore Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.kodular.teleansh.start


Cool app, did you use any extensions?

Thanks , I used no extension

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Does your game have multiplayer functionality?

Initially my target was to make a multiplayer game(using firebase) only however due to lag issues in real-time game , I have released offline version for now. In future I will definitely add live multiplayer feature.


I expect something big to come from you

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This is great work. It goes to show that such games can be made with


Interesting app ansh​:yum:
Maybe you should try for a game based on your profile pic(current one)


Nice Idea !

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By the way his eyes are :rofl:

New update

  1. New Menu UI and Music added
  2. New car Fid-Jet added
  3. Bugs fixed