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Hello :kodular: Community,
I am now facing a problem or something like that :grin:

How can I add a new user setup, Like if your Install any app and open it first time then It shows some pages and Information. So How can Make this system?

As an Example…

If I install & open for first time Puffin Browser.

Then this happens…

After clicking the Get Started Button then the Actual Browser Page Opens.

How can I do???

Just use a tag something like “is first use” and save it to true in first screen initiaion in tinydb…
And check at every screen initiation… If found true then continue to main screen and if found false then continue to your information…

Use tinydb to detect first run and create a intro arrangement that it will show only at first run

Possible with multiple arrangements & button or label &tinydb

For first run , try block like this

Can you please give me such block images of the actually how to do this?

I have tried TinyDb in my such conditions but not working so I am not sure how can I do that.

Here is the whole logic…
why don’t try yourself,… If you will face any problem then we will help out…

Happy2Help :slight_smile:

Also you can always use :mag: For example first run tinydb

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@Still-learning shared this Topic, Let me checkout this…

Okh done,… It doesn’t seem that you want to do some experiement and learn something new…
Here is how to get it done. :

Happy2Help :slight_smile:

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No No, I like to do experiments, but I am Lazy Person :joy:.

I am really sorry if I have harmed u? :heart: | BTW Thanks.

Not at all man, but don’t be

learning something new,…

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You may mark that as solution, if you have no other query… :slight_smile:

Let me check if It works! :joy:, If it doesn’t work then … I will go to sleep.


:rofl: :rofl:, Ya Me too going to sleep after 40-50 min… As of course we are indians,… :laughing:

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I have marked! @Technical_Zone 's Answer. :blush: Thank You @Technical_Zone & @Still-learning & @dora_paz


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