New version of app

Hey dear koders!

I’m facing with the following problem:

  • Uploaded my app into googe play everythings work fine. When i made a new version of the app i publish into the google play and the user cant update the from the google play just if he delete and instal the new version why?
  • On the screen1 i made a code whats check the user version and the app version.
  • If the user version not equals with the app version he got a notifier error " New update available " i call activity starter to goes to the playstore to update but there is no update button only " start " button.

Any solution? I want to update from googleplay not from sheet if it is possible

Give the error shown by Google PlayStore.

It is not possible to help you without insufficient information.

There is no error shown. Still there is the " Play " button instead of Update.