New Version Release and you did not fix webviewer?

I was expecting this update becuase have been two updates before with this bug. Webviewer does not load Google Maps or Google Maps Javascript.
@Mika said that he knows the problem and how to fix it, @pavi2410 said that new features comming soon. @Peter make invisible my post.

I’m sad! :frowning_face: :

New features are released on 1.1, not on 1.0.5
Can you link here the old topic?


makeroid was updated to 1.1 but webviewer still does not work! i have a project stoped for this issue. i think i am going to leave from here until this plataform works propertly.


why you must use webviewer to load google map? there is a google map component

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because i developed a personalized map with svg markers, DirectionServices API, DistanceMatrix API, Firebase RealTime information in infowindows, css infowindows style. marker animation and custom style map and geolocation. webviewer not only not with maps. webviewer does not load another pages like google forms embeed.
thank you!!

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