New Way to Make Extensions Using Blocks

Hello I BBL presenting you my new invention which provides you java code which is converted from blocks so, you can make it easily.

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  • You can suggest how I can improve this.

It will be more efficient if we can use dependency here.
Nice job, keep it up :+1:

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Update 1.2

  • Upgraded UI

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Why can’t I see other blocks, like print?

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there is only one block.
If you want to return something you can use procedure block

Update 1.3:

  • Added Home Page
  • Added Update Page

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UI is not responsive for mobile screen.
You might work on this issue.

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I made it responsive. Thanks

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You’re welcome.
Yes the Check Updates page is now responsive.
You might work a bit more on Create Extensions page. It’s not feel responsive yet.


Thanks for replying me & yes, I am working on it and adding more blocks


Good job. I suggest you make a short video showing an example.