News feed system like face book

Yeah i know almost all basic and some advanced concepts of kodular… But as u told about creating a post id plz snd me its overview if u don’t mind and not bzy

Thanks a lot i think it will work… And m gona develop it now and will share it with all u guys for further help

I’d can be an integer I mean number now if you use air table than see below
Ex. When user uploaded a post than give it a post id supposes 1 and store it in as column (vertical line) in a table name likes and if I or any other like the post then use list index and get I’d of post and add 1 in like table and post ID’s column

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Do you know hindi language

Yes bro then we have to talk in some private message bcz they dont allow hindi or ny other language here

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You can use MySQL for this project types

Although if you do not want to complicate with a “complicated back-end” you can search for Facebook clones in php that use MySQL and try to make the application in this way

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Bro use f clones is something new to me it may help for data base organisation. thanks.

If u know more than plz share with me

I found this a long time ago, it’s like a community, the instructions to set it up are simple It only requires a server or hosting

Thanks bro for ur help

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