News List View view extension with animation [PAID]

What is News View ?
News View extension is fully customizable list view & it have many features through that you can make beautiful list view in your application.


  1. Fade Animation : when you scroll the list view it show a fade animation that looks great. You can edit the fade time property.

  2. Elevation : To work elevation the phone should be android 7.0+.You can edit the elevation property.

  3. Round Corner : You can edit list’s corner radius.

  4. Stroke : you can add stroke (outline) in the list. Stroke color & width is editable

  5. Icons : You can add 2 custom icons or icon + text.

  6. Round Icons background : you can also add the icon round background & can edit icon’s background color.

  7. Size : you can edit the text,icon,layout,image,divided,icon’s layout size.

  8. Margin : you can edit icon’s left margin, bottom margin.

  9. Divider : you can customize divider height, divider color,divider line width

  10. Filter: you easily filter the text in lists

  11. Font: you can use your custom font for text & title


Way to make list view


Note: If you put empty list block, it show errors because it not support empty list

PRICE: $10
VERSION: 1.0.0
March 3, 2019

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Personal Experience

It’s a very good Extension for an advanced list view.

It has almost all customisable options for the list view.

I do recommend this !!

Great work @Androteq

Its has some serious issues with Android 9…

Gives error ’’ error

seems very good
can you add textboxs to the listview?

Where is download link?

This is paid extension.
You have to pay to get this extension .

This is one of the most important things I want to get

Keep up the wonderful work

Welcome @ajaykumar110125110125

Since you joined just 9 minutes ago it would be good if you read this before asking questions.

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i cannot download app

Have you paid for the extension ? If yes sent a PM to the developer @Androteq

i said app which he gave to test extension
downloading is not working

Sorry I misread , indeed apk demo link is not working :blush:. Maybe the developer can provide a working link

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Some or almost all links which are old enough have stopped working, if you come across any such link in futures make the author of that topic know about this

Demo app link doesn’twork