News List View view extension with animation [PAID]

(Androteq) #1

What is News View ?
News View extension is fully customizable list view & it have many features through that you can make beautiful list view in your application.


  1. Fade Animation : when you scroll the list view it show a fade animation that looks great. You can edit the fade time property.

  2. Elevation : To work elevation the phone should be android 7.0+.You can edit the elevation property.

  3. Round Corner : You can edit list’s corner radius.

  4. Stroke : you can add stroke (outline) in the list. Stroke color & width is editable

  5. Icons : You can add 2 custom icons or icon + text.

  6. Round Icons background : you can also add the icon round background & can edit icon’s background color.

  7. Size : you can edit the text,icon,layout,image,divided,icon’s layout size.

  8. Margin : you can edit icon’s left margin, bottom margin.

  9. Divider : you can customize divider height, divider color,divider line width

  10. Filter: you easily filter the text in lists

  11. Font: you can use your custom font for text & title


Way to make list view


Note: If you put empty list block, it show errors because it not support empty list

PRICE: $10
VERSION: 1.0.0
March 3, 2019

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(Aravind Chowdary) #2

Personal Experience

It’s a very good Extension for an advanced list view.

It has almost all customisable options for the list view.

I do recommend this !!

Great work @Androteq

(Aravind Chowdary) #3

Its has some serious issues with Android 9…

Gives error ’’ error