NFC - my third extension [FREE]

Thank you indeed it is necessary to put true in text!

I don’t know to help you, sorry

this is not how the extension should work…
the developer of the extension @Matanel325 might want to fix this and return a boolean value rather than a string



I will not do it because the code will not compile if i will do it.
In block “is enabled”, the code does if statement for if exists and also if statement for if enabled.
Sorry for this, but if i will remove the if statement of is exists, the if enabled will return error.

which error message do you get?
what about

  public boolean Exists() {
    return yourBooleanValue;



I will send you the code in pm

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Dear @Matanel325

I saw your extension and it seems very good. As you seem to be quite expert in working with nfc in kodular, do you think you would be able to make a new extension that can make the NFC read-only? Thanks!

Ps. @Taifun if you have any suggestions…

I’m not an expert at all lol
all from stack-overflow and some users here
I dont have many knowladge in java
your idea seems very good and I will use it, if someone will make it :slight_smile:
Good night.