NFC - my third extension [FREE]

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this extension has only 2 blocks - for check if NFC exists, and if turned on.
Note: I developed this extension because in the build-in component, does not have these functions!

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component_method (17)
Returns: ~boolean (true or false)

component_method (16)
Returns: ~string (Return string (true or false). If not exists return: Your phone does not have NFC sensor).

Download: com.matanel.NFCtools.aix (6 .1 ק״ב)


Good extension :+1:

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nice extension

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Very good extension.

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Nice Extension :+1: :+1:

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Nice extension :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: keep it up


You might want to resize the icon. :face_with_monocle:


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yes lol
for 16*16 icon size?


Do you see the attached image?

I don’t see it → Firefox

Chrome I see it.

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@Kodular is there a way you can force this to be 16x16 no matter what size image is uploaded? Often people will make larger images for better resolution… If the img element has a specified size, it shouldn’t affect the image resolution.

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yes, in kodular it is always working
just in app inventor it look like real size…

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In this extension there was a big bug that caused other imported components to crash!

The repair is now done and the file is up to date. Anyone who downloaded - please delete the file immediately, and save the new file. If not - the system will crash.


thank you for your contribution!

Please remember to follow the naming conventions


Thank you


Ok i will do it now
I did.

thank you… you also might want to replace IsExists by only Exists

Ok I did it.
Also I changed the IsEnabled to only Enabled.

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Hello and first of all thank you for this application.

I think there is a little problem with “enable”.

If I activate my NFC and click on “do it”, I get the message “true”. If I disable “False”, so far no problem.

On the other hand if I put a condition of the style when nfc is activated:

“call NFC.enable = true” then do it returns “false” to me when NFC is activated (so true). The result is identical if I activate or not the nfc or if the condition is true or false. the result is always the same “false”.

Also noted that if I want to put “nfc.enable” directly in an IF condition, it is impossible to attach (it is possible with then or else) while it works with “exists”.



Because it is a String, not a boolean. Check the first post for more info.


Ok, but why do I get this result when dmon nfc is on? or off?

You’ll have to wait the developer’s reply.

Btw, you should use the red String “true” instead of the green one.

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