No ad config while using google ad manager

I used google ad manager ad in my app but getting " no ad config" error all the times.

Is your app on Google Play? If so, have you linked an app-ads.txt file?

How long has it been since you integrated Ad Manager ads in your app?




3-4 days

Did you put kodular publisher id in ads.txt or your own?

yes, i put kodular publisher id in ads.txt

Can you send a link to your app (Google Play listing)?

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sorry to say but i can’t share app link , but i can give you all required details which you need

What’s the name of the app

my app name is “stylish font generator”

1 week ago i had used ad manager in my one app and in that app google ads are showing perfeclty, but recenty i used google ad manager in my 2 more apps. but in those apps ads are not showing even not showing those apps name in kodular earning report dashboard

Screenshot (491)_LI
as you can see in above screenshot only one app name is showing which i hided with color paint :sweat_smile:

We can’t really help you if you don’t give us more details about the app that’s not showing ads. You’re not using the same account as the one you’ve signed up for Ad Manager, so it’s even harder for me to troubleshoot the problem


Why can’t you give a link to the Google Play Store?

tell me what details you need i will try to give you all things, except link. :neutral_face:

What is the reason you cannot give the link?

Is it an earning app?

what do you think ? is google allow this type of app ?

we all have rights to keep some things secret.

Can you PM me the email address you’ve linked with Ad Manager?

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did you fix this bug ? because automatically ads are showing now. :100:
Thanks a lot.