No API data coming through

The url returns data in the browser

{“Response”:{“MetaInfo”:{“Timestamp”:“2023-01-02T07:22:49.730+0000”},“View”:[{"_type":“SearchResultsViewType”,“ViewId”:0,“Result”:[{“Relevance”:0.89,“MatchLevel”:“houseNumber”,“MatchQuality”:{“Country”:1.0,“State”:1.0,“Street”:[0.92],“HouseNumber”:1.0,“PostalCode”:1.0},“MatchType”:“pointAddress”,“Location”:{“LocationId”:“NT_UliD.zTS.2oibgvjueoqqB_4MD”,“LocationType”:“point”,“DisplayPosition”:{“Latitude”:-33.95337,“Longitude”:19.82677},“NavigationPosition”:[{“Latitude”:-33.95347,“Longitude”:19.82692}],“MapView”:{“TopLeft”:{“Latitude”:-33.9522458,“Longitude”:19.8254148},“BottomRight”:{“Latitude”:-33.9544942,“Longitude”:19.8281252}},“Address”:{“Label”:“83 Buitenkant St, McGregor, 6708, South Africa”,“Country”:“ZAF”,“State”:“Western Cape”,“County”:“Langeberg”,“City”:“McGregor”,“Street”:“Buitenkant St”,“HouseNumber”:“83”,“PostalCode”:“6708”,“AdditionalData”:[{“value”:“South Africa”,“key”:“CountryName”},{“value”:“Western Cape”,“key”:“StateName”},{“value”:“Langeberg”,“key”:“CountyName”}]}}}]}]}}

or this

problem is that my block doesnt return the same data for whatever reason
(it worked until yesterday)

data block is a list


Please can anyone see a problem

Much obliged


Are you sure this is the return statement?

It doesnot look like proper json. You can copy the response and paste into online json parser websites, there you could see the difference

Its the same

Then you can easily locate the key . When I test your above code it says error at 79 col…

If possible , if u have share the complete response code in readable formate or url mean it will be easy to suggest you


Expecting like this?


my problem seems to be that while the API works, the results are not populating the response content

So you got the response properly or not??

I got what it shows in the screen. but NO DATA

check this

ParseJSON.aia (3.9 KB)

Update your viewes @Anthony007

What does that mean. How?


Your app doesnt work here, either??

Did you check the aia?
Does the above url returns data?
Is it parsed the data based on the key i have used?

I am getting this result in my companion

I dont doubt it

but Im not!

what does this mean???

just leave it… i expected you will also will get te same result like me but not… Very strange

exactly. I would be wasting anyones time

@dora perhaps

But the thing is, i am getting result but you are getting tags, that was surprising me… Anyway, but dora is not active in community from August month onwards


I went back to a backup and it works

So Im closing this.

Thanks for the help

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