No Code App Developer 👨‍💻

Hello Friends :wave:

I am a Ceday, No Code application developer.
I have been developing applications for a long time.

I can develop an application for you from scratch.
I can support your projects.

Fee : Project/Offer

Contact :
Telegram : @theceday
Discord. : xcedi

i want an aia file with admob ads, How much will I have to pay?

Show us some demo of your previous works.

My contact addresses are in the subject.

These are special projects.

This is my app

There are many developers who can make great apps, if I contact them they can give me good quality app for cheap price. Why would we buy from you? there is no proof that you are an expert.

You need to contact us privately depending on the location. I stated that the relevant projects were special. I cannot share without permission