No method named `AddItem' in class java.lang.Boolean

invoke: no method named `AddItem’ in class java.lang.Boolean
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

What to do in this case?

  1. Try to reconnect with companion, again if it not resolved
  2. Make sure Are you using fenix 1.5.4 version
    Kodular Fenix 🔥🐦 - #6
  3. Still not resolved, show us your blocks

This is the blocks for one screen

Thanks for help

I’m using fenix 1.5.4 version

It would help if you said in which moment the problem happens. After clicking a button, when screen initialize, etc…

It happen when initialize project (all screens)

Use Do it in the add item to list block after the screen initialize. if it works, put this block inside a clock and when the clock timer and set it to 1000 and it must solve the problem.

If you want you can decrease the number and see what is the smallest number that it works.

Then need to check your aia…

BTW, in screen initialise you have added one add items to the list but it is no need. Initialize the global buttons to make a list and set up one by one

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