No method named `Start' in class java.lang.Boolean

Hello kodars.
from last few hours this error is showing. I dont know why this error is for…please help me.
I have attached my screen blocks.

Are you using companion to test your app?

yes i am using companion to test.

This occurs in some occasion and it gets fixed, am sure if you package this issue won’t occur. I have experienced this in some of my apps and it gets fixed. I guess the companion was was unable to load your app correctly, keep trying it will get fixed. Another way you can try is by creating checkpoint of your app and then compile it , but make sure you have a good internet connection.

Check if the start value returns a value when screen initialize because from your block I didn’t see anywhere where you stored a value and you’re trying to get value from get start value block.

Do you have any emoty procedure with the name start? I mean you have created the procedure block but didn’t add any logics in that. Pls check your procedure

I have not used any procedure block and there is no any components name “start”. please help.

i have used start value on here. please check my blocks.

Are you getting start value ? Use Do it to debug your blocks

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yes i am getting start value…start value it is working ok.

When exactly this error occurs ? On screen initialize ? …later ?

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when i am coming from log in screen to screen3 (this blocks screen) than it appears.

I see that you are using clock components, maybe you forgot to disable one and keeps firing ?

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both clocks are disable. but i am using only one clock for all different condition.

If you wish post or pm your aia to give it a look

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it is working good when i export to apk. but in companion mode this error is showing.

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Companion version ?

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1.5.3 Fenix

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Don’t know why it is happening but I noticed that you are not switching screens correctly. You should close a screen before opening a new one otherwise eventually you will have memory issues. For example


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Thanks dora it is working fine now. Thank you so much !! :grinning:

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