No text for FAB

I can’t see a text for the FAB buttons

Welcome @e_sorrentino72! Could you be more specific? Like, hwat you have done, blocks, etc… and also, to receive good and helpful answers, please read this: How to ask a question?

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I think I have inserted all the necessatio but near the FAB nothing is displayed

It’s an error on MaterialIcons on Eagle

I have already avised but they have not confirmed anything

you didnt mention all the details but maybe you find it useful

I read your post.
I created a FAB with no label that at the “when floating … click” event displays another 3 FABs and starts a 3 second timer.
The timer writes the FAB labels.
But the result does not change.

what can be the solution?

The picture is in a bad quality.

Near to impossible to read the block names…

here is an example which uses 2 FAB

test.aia (1.9 KB)

The label text can not be changed after its visible.

You need to set the label text first. And then you can show the label near to FAB

I don’t know

after your directions I have:
in “screen.inizialize” sets a timer that after 3000 ms assigns the name to the FAB and ends the timer the two FAB the first displays the second. the second hides it.
unused names.
I attach “.aia”

test.aia (2.4 KB)

It was my mistake not to launch a label text show. Sorry

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