Runtime error when showing label text in floating button

Describe your issue

  1. add floating button
  2. set some string inside label text field for floating button
  3. blocks - put “Call Show Label” inside initialize block

Steps to reproduce the issue

compile and open the app

Expected Behaviour

Actual Behaviour

Runtime error as in the pic

Show your Blocks


Android version

tested on OS 5+9

Error screenshot:

That’s normal…
Because the FAB needs some time for itself to setup all things.

Use the “Show Label” block together with the FAB click event.
Then you will see that it works!

Fun fact:
I created the feature and the error message which you can see for exact this case.


you saying that I need to click on FAB first to display the label?
“when then show label”
and if I want the label to show right when the app starts its impossible ? (maybe timer is an option :thinking:)

It’s not impossible. You can do it with a timer.

But as I said above the FAB needs some time to setup all his settings.

A timer should work for your case.


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