No Update From More Then A Month?

hello team @Kodular why We not get any update from last one month
i know you all have your own work , own life but one month is very long time.
and many koders incuding me waitng for new update with fixing some bugs and want some new fetures.

please provide new update as soon as possible.
my issue is

This Activity not work with activity starter when i use custom package name

its not mean that its wrong activity i use it with default package name and companion also its work fine with them but not work with custom package name


There you go. They have a life outside of Kodular. Hard to imagine but it is true. There are even things more important then Kodular. Also hard to imagine but also true.:sunglasses:


If this is so important for you then do a real package name change



i thought we can change the package name in screen 1 to a costum package name without any troubles`?

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Yes we can but this activity not working with custom package name I tried it with changing package name from screen 1 property

Yes I know @peter but
It’s a more then 1 month​:cry::cry::cry:

Ok thanks I try this for now
But it’s not permanent we need permanent solution for this.

so the costum package name does not work in screen 1 or what?
Thats good to know because i bought me a extension where the package name is locked in that extension.
And i gave him my costu package name.
What will happen if i use the sostum package name now?

for 99% of cases it works as it should



Custom package name working fine
But in some case it not work

I also bought a extension with custom package name

And now I found this activity not working

Um… I’ve never actually seen a piece of software that needs monthly updates. Having no updates is a sign of stability. :smiley: There aren’t any critical bugs, and all necessary features are already implemented.

If something ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Can you show us how you are using this


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did you worte the devveloper that you will hae a costum ppackage name. I bought mme grid view and i had wrote himm 2 package names, the noral and my wanted costum name. Now both shouzld work

Um… I’ve never actually seen a piece of software that needs monthly updates. Having no updates is a sign of stability. :smiley: There aren’t any critical bugs, and all necessary features are already implemented

Thats not right 100% wer have some troubles with firebase auth, and it was told tthat the next updates will solve the problems

But nothing critical. :slight_smile:


Yes, it will solve the problems. But there is no date. :wink:
You don’t want to get a version of something which is experimental, right? If they publish the new version early, then it will have problems. And waiting for stable is better.


i dont say anything bad about that. i meaned it goood. this is why i told that
i hope also for the other firebase feature like dynamic links

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i agree that we have not any critical problem but its not mean we don’t have bug we have many bug :wink::wink: we need to found it
when we do something found some bugs:wink::wink::wink:

yeah one error is that, if you use firebase auth and you use google sign in, a problem is there if you signed out and you want to sign in again you cannot choose a other google account.
Only at the first time if you use google sign in , you can choose which google aacount you want to use, at the second sign in the component take automatic the ggole acccount from the first time. If you want to choose a othern account you have to delete all files (delete and setup again) or you delete the cache and all all other files. Than you can choose aother ggole account for your sign in.
This is one error in firebase that i know.
Than you have to take a complicated way to make you database safe. if you change the rules to auth for read and write in the database you have to take a lot of blocks for that, that you can write in the database.And you need a second extension for it.

i hope theese two error are fixed for the next update.
I hope i could help you with that infos (if you dont know that errors)(

Even Windows have bugs but they don’t lauch new updates every month. They have to analyze everything, test too much and many times and it will take usualy a huge amount of time. But if you use Windows, you continue using it even with errors. If you use Linux you continue to use it, even with bugs… Or is there a software 100% perfect? So, don’t request something that even YOU cannot maintain your apps 100% bugs free.