NOT A CODING BUG : But a malfunction when selecting an image


I’m facing a problem:

Where : In Designer
With : Image (Image Properties > Picture)
When : When selecting an image from already uploaded images (assets)
What : The side scroll doesn’t scroll down enough to show full list of images to select.

What I Tried : Tried refresh. Tried log out Log in. But didn’t work.

Addition :

This was on Chrome (updated, Windows10).
But I just tried it on Edge, still facing the same issue.

And an observation is :

When I reach -
Designer> Image> Properties>

Initially, the scroll is short with scope of downwards scroll movement.
But the moment I mouse over the picture input area the scroll expands full with no scope of any scroll movement. Once the side scroll is stretched it stays that way for that image.

And you use which browser?

Known bug for me

Try zooming in/out the site

By the way, the list will not show complete even if you scroll down, as the Pop-Up Menu is using the space “it has” and does not expand beyond the visible space

Maybe @Vishwas could take a little look?

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Which browser are you using?

What happens if you reopen the popup?

For me, it fixes.

I am using Edge Beta based on Chromium. Don’t know about others.

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There is no such error for me, but for info, I am using Iron.

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I use Chrome. It seldom happens to me (but it might). What I will do is just reload.

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It happens to me too … I just redo it and keep working …

I’m using latest Chrome on Windows 10.

The scroll is moody. Mostly, doesn’t budge, but after some refreshes start working until it wants to.

I even tried system restart.

Chrome (Updated to date) on Windows 10.