Not able to Export My app to .aab ? it says Upgrade to Premium to compile apps with more than 5 extensions

Whenever I try to export my app it says “Upgrade to Premium to compile apps with more than 5 extensions”. But my project does not contain even 2 extensions. also, I only have 7 or 8 items. Is it really required to purchase premium to export our apps?


Nop you can use 5 extension in free plan

If it tells you so, and you believe you have less than two extensions, then it is something else. Make sure you have less than 5 MB of assets.


See this my asset size is below 5mb

No extensions were used

That message does not mean that you are using assets below 5MB. It will display even if you exceed this limit, because you can still test apps with assets more than 5MB. Send me your project in PM if you would like me to calculate the size.

EDIT: Sorry, I see now, my bad… :cry:

Hello, friends, I was able to find what is it.
I have 6 extensions installed. But I haven’t used any extension in my current project, so I thought it would be okay.

No worries, I figured it out!

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How, please??

what exactly are you talking about?