Not Able To Play Online Video Url ( Plyr Extension )

Hello Guys ,

First I Tried A Video url to play in Plyr Extension And Played Successfully !

And The Video Duration Was : 30 Sec

But When Now I Am Again Trying To Play A Video Url then its not playing

And The Video Duration Was : 18 Min : 52 Sec

Its Showing Me Like This :

I Wonder Does This Extension Plays the url of small size video Only , Or I Have Done A

Mistake In Blocks ?

Can Anyone Help Me , How to Play Large File Online Video Url In App ?

Here Is The Video Url :

That I Am Trying To Play

Blocks :

I Hope I Will Get The Solution :innocent: :innocent:

Works Fine :point_down:

It could be network issue.


Even if you are still facing that problem remove this block

component_method (2)


But When I Play In middle of the video it shows me like that

Try to play in middle of the video

Can you help me when its loading then show that its loading please wait like buffering

For : Eg This Block Use

loading state

Put the play blocks in a clock and see if it works.
If not, download the video to your phone and try to play it from there. May be it is a connection problem

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Without Downloading and use just from url as online its not possible ??

Or Is There Is other alternative way ??

Or Can You Help Me How to do buffering in it in case if its loading