Not aproved for ADs?

How to know if i’m elegible for ads in new system ad manager?

I still see:
Start monetizing your apps with Google Ad Manager

And when click in:
Sign up for a Google Ad Manager account

Nothing happens.
I have all accounts, ad mob, ad sense, ada manager … ???
Also cannot understand how to create a child account?

Already copy paste the id from ad mob/manager to the configuration of app, when try to generate a apk (for test purposes) give me the error manifest.

Is this a bug, or what i’m doing wrong?


check your age and your using email date of birth are correct

also see these

Age requirement for an AdSense account - Google AdSense Help.

Age and accounts are correct.

I just do not understant the process.

In AD Manager, i haver twho site, a main site is my blog (blogspot from google) where is located the ads.txt file. Always worked fine.

Now where ia add the child site? Inside my blog site in Ad Manager? It asks if the site is really mine…
what i put as site? ??, kcn-CHILD_NETWORK, DIRECT, pub-7724198591595211, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

The two lines above are to be included, correct? (lets say my ads.txt will have now 4 lines…) i also cant see the id to replace kcn-CHILD_NETWORK in my main site…

After all this, already can click in, sign up for a Google Ad Manager account??:

Start monetizing your apps with Google Ad Manager

Sign up for a Google Ad Manager account
Integrate Google Ads into your Kodular account and monetize your projects

Learn more about Google Ad Manager
Know more about setting up Google Ad Manager with your Kodular account

Thanks for the help.

It’s done… but i don’t know if was because i change my site at google play (i decided to change it) and include the ads.txt with the instructions gave by kodular, or was just i questions of time or invitation .
I think the process could be more transparent, at least for non native english speaker … or for a non pro programmer :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway, let’s go on.

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bad so bad
And when you criticize it, you get very bad responses
from which you have to leave
We worked on this platform for years and they were still making part of the profits and in the end he tells you to leave
Google ads are only useful for platform owners, not users like us