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I’m making a notes application, but I’m having difficulty receiving the data on the ReadNotes screen, what’s missing? I’m sending aia.
I searched the community and didn’t find a topic like this.

arruma.aia (922.7 KB)

your code is confusing. I have some questions
Q1.your tag a list?
Q2. why are you using join there at start value
Q3. i cannot see where you are storing stuff

Did you manage to test the application? answering your questions R1. I’m using dictionary R2. I’m using join because the data comes in numbers and needs to be transformed into text. R3. it is being stored in tinyDB1 with the label message. It was working yesterday, today I made some changes and I don’t know where I went wrong

See In this Image you are Storing The Data and it Says " Store value for Key which is a Start value which I suppose is the ID.
So the Format of Your Structure is :

    "Titulo": "\"String\"",
    "Nota": "\"String\"",
    "Data": "\"String\""

So You Should be Getting Data from position by walking key path.
Follow the guide below for more detail :

I managed to solve it, for anyone interested, I replaced the global variable with the local variable, changing the ids to local.
arruma0.aia (922.5 KB)

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