Not fully loaded csv

The problem is as follows! I created a table. and converted it to csv. From a large number of lines, only a very small part is displayed during loading.

Hi, welcome.
You have error in Got Text
on for each element in list > list from csv table text > get text
replace to
for each element in list > get NMR
Sorry i can’t write in you languaje but you will understand

That doesn’t work either. I still don’t see the whole CSV list

Set Got text like this
blocks (16)
add all you need into do

I repeated what you showed but it doesn’t work out of 79 lines showing only 2. :dizzy_face:

Sorry i mistake split (split have right setup?)
For do test you can set replace list item to disable and you see all list without split

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work either.!
this is the file I’m trying to upload.

OK i trie to build all block you need with my proper file without cyrillic characters. I need some time

use Do it to debug your blocks, see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps
see also Live Development, Testing, and Debugging Tools

how does the variable NMR look like after using the list from csv table block?
probably an issue with the 3rd row?


What I’m trying to do fully works at App Invertor and Kodular doesn’t. So I will forgive people for their help. If someone helps me, they will also help thousands of workers in Russia, as strange as it sounds.

I very hard and confused to my help you with block and file on russian languaje. But i trie, start again to understand yourself better.

For example you have this list into csv file:
Text 1, Text 2, Text 3, Text 4, Text 5, Text 6, Text 7, Text 8
and you need this result in 4 labels ???
Text 1 Text 5
Text 2 Text 6
Text 3 Text 7
Text 4 Text 8

I have a table like this, only questions are different. I need to have each question and answer in different arrays so that I can work with them separately. Further the text from the arrays will be attached to the buttons. Снимок. It’s all gonna be used in the testing.

We need to share the csv file like this!
The problem is that only a few values ​​from the table are written to the array, and not all the values ​​of the table!

you might want to read my previous answer

Trie with these blocks. Get text from file and it separates the list in 4 variables. If this work like you need, enable Replace list item and do all the necessary changes to split or to replacement text

I’m sure these blocks can be optimized, but work for me.

Unfortunately, it’s not working.

Please make a new csv file with simple words. Remembers “,” is separator for list and trie again


It’s not working.

Your csv file don’t have the right parameters for a list.
I need some time and build aia for you, so you will be able to understand how it works

Here is my AIA. Test this and download Test.csv from aia to see the file format.

I hope this solve your question

Thank you, friend. It works, but now I have a long time to redo the table. There are about 1000 questions in the test.

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