Not getting any record from spreadsheet?

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I am not getting any record why?

You may have forgotten to set mode variable to 5


not even changing label10 text.

Let us see the database structure please post a screenshot

Then there is wrong with integration and/or DB structure. Make sure the DB connection is OK and show us the DB structure as @Sumit1334 suggested.

Do check a few points carefully :

  1. You put API Key , Base ID and Table name correct.
  2. You have not leave any blank row at last of your Tables (on Airtable).
  3. You’re calling the Tables with correct name (Case-Sensitive).

all the things checked.
nothing happened

Put an example AIA if possible. Let me dig into it.

It’s 1.3MB in size. :pensive: Do you have any example AIA?

hei removed it

this is example aia.