NoteUs - Keep your thoughts safe

NoteUs - Keep Your Thoughts Safe

Describe your app:

NoteUs - Keep your thoughts safe has a simple User Interface, easy to use.

NoteUs Features :
:heavy_check_mark:Add Notes
:heavy_check_mark:Dark Mode/Light Mode
:heavy_check_mark:Delete/Share Option
:heavy_check_mark:Archive Option ( Soon Updated )
:heavy_check_mark:Edit Mode
:heavy_check_mark:Text Colour Change
:heavy_check_mark:Text Font Change
:heavy_check_mark:Text Size Change ( Soon Updated )

✓Contain Ads


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NotePad (1).apk (7.9 MB)

AIA file (Optional)

RS 150/-


it is good.can i have a update

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After diwali i will post updated application :blush:

Clean UI :heart:
Edit: but need some improvement
Check the error

Ohh!!! Thanks for error :slightly_smiling_face:

topic seems that notes are safe . is it so . add passcode to make it safe . like evernote

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What is the need of location and phone permission for a note taking app??? :thinking:


It’s not asking to me … And j think it’s also have the storage permission for saving the note in file.txt

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Storage permission is understandable, but what is use of location and phone in a diary app?

Also it never asked me and they are in denied section of the app permission list


Okay boss…i think he use some Extension that’s why the permission required

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Amazing… :grinning:

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He has left an empty string for set text color block…

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Would you like to answer this? @Bharata_Developers

And also list out the extension used if any.


@vaibhav application is not asking any permission.
When I clear data and open it. It doesn’t ask any permission.

maybe code i in a way that it does not ask for permissions

like just keep let app access ur storage