Notification component in Kodular is not showing the app icon in the notification

When I used notification component earlier, it used to show the app icon but today when I used it, it did not show the icon.
Is it a bug or some mistake which I might have done? :thinking:

How we know that, which mistake you have done? You have not posted your blocks.

Provide more details.

Are you using one signal push notifications?


No. I am just using the simple notification component. I am using ‘Simple notification’ block. So there’s nothing to share in my block image.

App icon is working fine but icon is not showing in the notification.

Instead of using notification I believe you should use Shortcut Badge

As far as I know, shortcut badge is used to show notification on the app icon.

Yes you are right , misread your problem :disappointed:

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It’s okay. :sweat_smile:

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What is showing in the notification?

This is the icon I am getting. Its something like ‘about’ icon.