Notification from app when user add value

Please I need help … I am designing an application through which the user can send his orders and this data will be recorded in airtable.
On the other hand, the admin receives these orders in another application of his own in cardview.
The question here is how the app gets a notification in admin application when any user adds his orders to the airtable.
this is a video from admin app

You can implement the OneSignal sender right after your user finishes adding the order to the airtable. In this case, the admin app has the OneSignal receiver.

This is a sender example.
Just remember you have to register your app in Google Firebase to use OneSignal.

Tnx soooo much :heart_eyes: :v:

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Please, your method was on for one day only then it stopped.
While searching for a solution, I found that onesignal was banned in Egypt, can you advise me of something else?

Try this, go to experimental section, see the notification there and save a firebase component for that method, create a unique tag for Admin and make your value whaterver you want and call for store. When data changed recognize the Admin app with his tag then call up the notification components. In case you dont want One signal…

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Sorry, if my request is available, can you send an images for this ? :blush:

This only run when your app is open, if your expecting same in Onesignal , notifying even your app is close, nope! Sorry for that, because Kodular not yet supported by a background services, this is basic, please learn to play your Admin tags, think about future bulk notifications, but if you want to push that might satisfied you a notification even your app is close, use 3rd party integromat or zapier, it will just few works in that website… This is triggering a notification using Firebase from one app to another

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