Notification Light Feature for Kodular

Is there a feature that will let you turn off the notification light in kodular? If not, is there a custom extension that could be made to support this? I am trying to make an app that disables the notification light at certain times of the day.

If you use onesignal for notification so it’s already have a notification light feature

But, does it let you disable the notification light?

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you want to deactivvvate the lightt?TThis is an option in your phone settings.

Yeah, but I want to have it deactivate at certain times of the day.

i believe that is not possible, why do you need that.

Because my notification light gets annoying at night.

You can open the setting menü and deactiate it.

You can download an app for that

What is this “app”? Can you provide a link?

Search on playstore there are plenty of apps and thank me later
What do you mean? The only app that looks remotely close to what I want is

Blockquote Light Manager - LED Settings

However, that is not what I want. Provide an EXACT link please.