Notification Reader for 3rd party app

is it possible to read 3rd party notification?
if possible which permissions are required

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Nope it’s not possible… To read third party notifications
For need your app have to run in background which is not possible…

I want to read notifications when app is open. is it possible

Nope buddy.
You can only read someone inbox else no apps…

Try Android Studio

okk thanks

You Are Welcome

see the answers to this question

so generally it is possible…
probably someone wants to take a challenge and write an extension for that?


I have visited this page just before few hours. and i can’t develop extension.

Is there anyone who can help by developing this extension using this Reference How to read all the coming notifications in android - Stack Overflow
Suggested by Taifun

This extension can be used for so many very valuable purposes.

I think you can try it with activity starter…