notifications in my application

Hello good afternoon
Please can you guide me if you do me the favor of the process to place push notifications in my application

Thank you


What have you tried so far? Show your blocks.

So far I have not done anything. I recently started with these applications

Then learn how go use Kodular and Push notifications here.

Asking someone to guide to is not the way to go about it. Search the forum, try things for yourself,. If you get stuck show us your blocks and we may help.

Thank you
I will do so

Next time please search community before asking.

Here what u want :

Thank you very kindly. I will consider the recommendation

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If your problem is solved then mark it as solution, so that others can find it easily.

You can use OneSignal Push Notification. Basic account is for free, remind that the appID must be set in Screen1

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hanks I already solved it. Very kind everyone