Notifier Button bug

There is a bug with the Button of the notifier Component: If the Button text to long, it will be not showing on some devices…

How long? And what does it show? like “Blabla…” or nothing

I don’t know the exactly letters or words.
The second button is over the first button and the first button was showing only a little bit of the text.

Is it only in makeroid or in other builders too?

I don’t use thunkable or test it there, but on app inventor it works fine, because I think the reason is that app intventor use multiple lines.

We use the same code like app inventor for that.
So it is not a bug, it is because app inventor does not have material design.

And maybe now the material design uses other resolutions of some things.

So you cannot fix this?

I don’t think so. I will look today at the code and then i know more.
Can you show the blocks you use for that?

I tested it on another devices and it’s work fine.