Notifier: exit app when click on CANCEL

Hi, I have notifier with two button and the cancelable = false.
What i want it to exit app when the user clicks on CANCEL. How to do?


i need to exit app when the user clicks on cancel

You could use if choice = Cancel and see if it works for you. I’m not sure but I think cancel is related to phones language settings so the response might not be Cancel. You have to try and see

Then what does the choices YES or NO will do??

You are correct. It is working



As I said Cancel is related to phone’s language settings. For example when I change language setting to Greek then the notifier you will get is ΑΚΥΡΩΣΗ not Cancel


In order to overcome you to use @bodymindpower solution :slight_smile:

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I Got it now. Also Yes and No option too will be in different na … anyhow. Let it be with user.

Well, If Yes and No choice is no where linked or directed or proceed further then he can use this simple block too

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