Notifier focus and keyboard

how to open auto focus and keyboard on text input box when notifier text dialog is opened.
sorry for my bad english

There is block in when you select textbox

Check all blocks first and read kodular docs

And this also has event onTextbox got focus
If upper block didn’t open keyboard then on this event call keyboard show block from screen properties block

I meant the text input opened in the notifier

Yes for that you have to make custom notifier with textbox for complete usage of textbox properties

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What I want is that the place I show with the arrow is focused without the user clicking.

Yes you can do it with custom notifier and place textbox inside it.
Whenever you show custom dialog after that use this block

To get keyboard pointer in textbox without user tap in textbox

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Of you created custom dialog then post images of blocks

blocks (2) blocks (3)

Is this works,
Make custom dialog

Thank you for your interest.
Yes it works. no way to do it in the notifier?