Notifier HTML for formatting text

Hello, I’ve got a little issue!

Although I tried hard, I did not find a solution how to format the Notifier Text with HTML, i.e. paragraphs, bold etc. It was possible with Appybuilder, and I got the blocks via backpack from an app created with Appybuilder (and transferred to kodular) in my current project, but the tags or
or are not recognized as HTML. What can that be because I read in previous threads that this is now possible with Linkify.

I used Custom Choose Dialogue, Show Choose Dialogue, Custom Message Dialogue and Show Message Dialogue without success.

Here is an example :




I am normal text <br/>

<b>I am bold text</b><br/>

<sup>I am super script</sup><br/>

<sub>I am subscript</sub><br/>

<a href="">I am link</a>

Thanks for taking a look into it. I did similar, but with no effect!

SOLUTION: Disable Linkify!

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