Notifier id purpose

I have an app where I often use the Notifier component.
In the Blocks tab, one of the sockets of the Notifier block asks for an id, which can only be connected to a number.
Is there a list with each id purpose of every block?
For example:
“In the block [call Notifier.Show Text Input Dialog], the id [?] makes this, and the id [?] makes that”.

the id is a number to identify the dialog (I don’t feel it’s useful). You can put random numbers everytime.

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The ID option is really useful.
Without this option the user have to drag and drap many notifier components into the phone area (what you see on the designer screen) when he wants to use many same functions with different options.
With the ID option is it possiple to use one event block for different functions.

This is a example, you only need ONE event for all different choose dialogs (MAKEROID):

And a example in app inventor:

In which dialog have the user pressed “OK” ?
Without the id… you will never know it.

That’s the reason why we have the ID option added :slight_smile:


I was looking for something like that, I didn’t even know this option existed (previously, I set a variable to a name, and then I used “[[If [Notifier.Choice] = [??]] and [[Variable] = ??]] …”), so it will help me a lot.
Thank you! :slight_smile: