Notifier Issue title and message text

When my users don’t fill the text notifier, then I show again the notifier.

But my problem is :
The notifier show twice the message and not the message and the title.
Message is wrote on title and on message.

Hey you can choose toast message extension to do that

Why should I use toast instead of notifier ?

@clement_pignet I think you discovered a bug, because I also got the same issue when I tried it.

My Blocks :point_down:

The message ‘Write something’ repeats itself in the title part

@Mika Can you please have look here?

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I won’t be able to solve your problem because it seems to be a bug, but if you want you can try to use the call.Create Custom Dialog block.

It’s only a suggestion, if the bug is corrected, use the method you want.

This bug is known since weeks and fixed for next release.

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Ok, thanks for your quick reply! :slight_smile:

As you wish I tell that toast looks clearly

clement_pignet wants to use notifier’s text input. You can’t write text in toast message.

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Ya bro I got it

Thank you all !
I was sure that was a bug ! :wink:


is it possible that the bug is still present?
For me, neither title nor message is displayed.
Thank you.

@Megatronik The bug shouldn’t be present in the latest release. Create a topic with your issue and we’ll help you.

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