Notifier or dialogs extensions are not working properly

sir, In my App notifier or dialogs extension not working properly it show some notifier not all that i am set in coding…
Please suggest something fast…

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For me notifier is working very good, when you close other screen and back to any screen after closing there maybe notifier stopped working, try to use snake bar

snake bar means

There is a component name snake bar , thats also can show notification like notifier, try that

But can not show dialogues , only notification

okk i try and thanks because you are from pakistan and i am from india but you help me thnx

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I want to show seconds in task option

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We cant see borders here, in community or social world there is no borders, we are here to help for everyone, and everyone is same for us bro, happy to assist any one as much as we can

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Notifier is working good but when closing a screen and bank to any screen then its stopped working , and in maybe next release Kodular team fix that issue,

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can i show seconds like a notifier when ads left application

Show what message/notifier you see that you didn’t make?

Nope… thats only can show in app, when app left snake bar will not work , when app left add there only notifier works

bro notifier is not working properly

can you explain properly

Notifier only getting problem while close screen , else all is working perfectly fine try to and i think when ad left app then app paused and notifier also paused, and clock function also,

so how i can make a system of seconds when ads left application

I think that not possible yet i also tried that but after leaving app app paused so notifier and clock also paused, so we cant do this yet maybe in next update we get any method

okk when this problem of notifier solved

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