Notifier Pop Up

Is there possible to make notifier like a pop up? with our own custom? like pic below
i try to explore call notifier.create custom dialog but didint know ho to use it…
is there any tutorial or block example ?

Then read the block description

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Already but still not understand yet…do you have any example or tutorial?

First try yourself and show what you tried before creating a topic.
You can use it like this:-


i have already try that before this…but the notifier not show up

layout is my vertical arrangement
i have already make that arrangement visible
maybe someone here already try and succes…and can show me an example

Have you used show custom dialog?
Show how are you showing notifier?

i’m never use custom dialog before…
as yo can see in my blocks…
just push button and i want notifier came out

Use these blocks to show and hide custom dialog.


use create Cutom Dialogue buttom on Screen initialise & use show cutom dialogue on button click as @vknow360 suggested

Thanks…i forgot the block show custom dialog…thanks…
Its now works ,:pray:

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Mark the post as solution so others can find it easily.

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