Notifier (.ShowChooseDialog) / bug after switching screen

The Notifier (.ShowChooseDialog) only works after the first initialization (Screen1.Initialize). If I switch to Screen2 and then back to Screen1, the Notifier no longer works. (You must reload Screen1)

Screen1 / Screen2
grafik grafik

bug_Notifier.aia (3.0 KB)
bug_Notifier.apk (4.9 MB)

Tested on Android 9 and 5. Doesn’t happen with AI2.


Yes,i also face this bug.that bug has been from long since

It’s not a bug

I agree, it is a bug…
as workaround @Mika once recommended to use this method to switch screens…



to what extent no bug?


In Kodular it is not classified as a bug, they made it work like this

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Yes, it’s a big bug​:unamused:

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In some apps, for some reason, we can’t close all screens


Yes, and I need it in every one of my apps.
Why doesn’t it work with Kodular in particular? With all other AI distributions there are no problems.
Reloading the screens can be time-consuming and annoying on older devices.

Btw, there are no problems with .ShowAlert (instead of .ShowChooseDialog).

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in starting i also face that and tried to hard to get rid of it until i have seen how to switch screen correctly, after closing other screen, this will not work, so close you screen before opening other screen.

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I have this same problem too. And I just needed to close the screen open and keep the main one without reloading. But it seems that this only happens when there is the “Notifier” component on the new open screen. If not, it works normally.

TestTextInput.apk (4.9 MB)
TestTextInput.aia (5.1 KB)

I got your point … and tested your app …
But still a problem with that …

Because my app have a screen with a notifier and this screen has a listview

When choosing from the list view … it changes the data of the list to a sublist and the slection from the sublist opens a nother screen

I need when the second screen closed to be back again on the sublist …with a working notifier …

Could you help?

Are you using the notifier component on the second screen?

Yes … notifier is verg necessary

Well, in my project I had to adapt the other page to not need the notifier and I removed it. That was the only way I found, other than that I don’t know how to make it work.

Maybe I catched (finally) today the bug.
It was a static variable to the activity.

Hopefully this bug will be gone in next release :joy:


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