Notiver background text can not be changed

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

When the application is released, the notiver changes color to white, when it is blocked in text set black the color remains white

Steps to reproduce the issue

when I want to change the color in designer> text color a bug report appears and its contents Exception caught: (SyntaxError) : Expected property name or ‘}’ in JSON at position 2

Expected Behaviour

Actual Behaviour

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Android version

all version

Why did you leave this blank?

On all devices from Android 5.0 all the way to Android 13?

What about doing a search in the community to find similar threads?


this is not on the block. but when the title color is clicked as below.
immediately appears like this alert

sorry if the post is too long.

This issue is common with Kodular … search the community for internal color error.