Number data save as string in Firebase when I clicked switch button

Hi everyone,

I have problems when I clicked switch button block in kodular app, the value from realtime database change from number value to ABC.

How to make sure it keep as number value?

Please help
Kodular prob 1
Kodular prob 2

I have same problem, did you get solution to this?

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As I Assume You will be using Pi or NodeMCU or Arduino or similar to control a servo right. In the Arduino Code Just put the comparator as text comparator with "<value>"

Yes, that workaround works, but original issue is there that number getting stored as string.

have you tried convert it in your microcontroller’s code?

Yes, right now I am using it after converting and that works perfect.
This is not a show stopper or critical issue, but I am curious to know why number getting saved as string, this issue is at Kodular side.
Microcontroler also saving number as number