Number of characters in a text box

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Can we increase the number of charactors in an text box, if the text box input format is in Numbers or Decimals?

Greatly appreciating your kind suggestions

Please explain in more detail what you want to achieve (examples).

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Use text box tools extension to control input method and number of characters.

Search community before asking.


I have tried to multiply T1 with global “a” when button1 click & display it in V1.
Similarly, multiply T2 with global “b” when button2 click & display it in V2

But the issue is, V1 & V2 are showing error values as T1 & T2 number of charactors are high, so that V1 & V2 cannot display the right answer. Can we fix this


Thank you for the kind reply, you have helped me in several times.

Thanks for the reply, I have tried with the text box tools extension. However couldn’t increase the number of charactors in the textbox, May be the default number of charactors acceptable for a text box is limited.

Thank you…

Your textbox characters are not limited. This is mathematical limitation.

You can not multiply certain numbers above the limit.

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Use format as demical number from Math and it will work . Just set the number of places you wish to be shown in your text_box


Try this as @dora_paz said:


Thank you very much, this made the issue sorted

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thank you, as always you make our problems solved

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