Number of times completed

Hello. I want that the app count with firebase database the number of times that the user complete one objetive. How can I do that?

Please elaborate more so we can help…
Show what you’ve tried so far.

their is new Google play component use it to count the achievement…

But I need the Google Play developer account?

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ooh ok. Then its difficult to explain here show what you have tried then i will try to help you…

  1. Create a global variable named Times Done
  2. When Screen Initialize Call Firebase and set the project bucket to the unique identifier of the user(only use if you store other information in Firebase like the example given at the end) and then retrieve the No of times Tag
  3. When Firebase got data set it to Times Done
  4. When User presses a specific button (Which indicates the task), Set Global Times Done= Get Global Times Done+1 Firebase and Store Value under the Tag No of times = Get Global Times Done
    Example Format used by me to store my users data-
    Expanded Form of a user data sheet [I used Coins tag where i store my user coins count, you can use No of times instead]
    Expanded Form