Numbers. What are they for? (Part of an aia project)

hello programmers, can you tell me what all those numbers are and what are they for?blocchinumeri

I guess you copied a project :slight_smile: Unfortunately no one will be able to tell you why those list where created, why those number where used, without seeing the whole project and understand what app does.


Yes I can’t Also Understand Give Us The Full Project source. AIA or Blocks of all screen by arranging them in vertical or horizontal

I enclose file .aia Snake_game.aia (513.0 KB)

I would like to understand how I can make playing field bigger. Thank you all guys

The hole concept of the app is that you play in this iconic phone pressing iconic phone’s buttons. If you make playing field bigger it won’t fit in phone. Otherwise you have to recreate the app from scratch and redesign UI

it is not a problem to redesign the UI, those numbers delimit the canvas? what are those numbers? how can i make the canvas bigger?

In project’s assets there is an image named codelist.png. I believe if you study it you will figure what those numbers represent

I studied that file, I understood what those numbers are. I would like to know how I can increase the playing field

Maybe try to increase canvas size from 150 x 225 px and maybe add more numbers to that list acording to the philosophy in that image

if I add numbers in width everything works, if I add numbers in height it returns an error as soon as the game starts (also by changing the canvas height )

I didn’t know Vsauce uses Kodular