Numby : Add number picker to your apps

A simple extension to allow you to add Number Picker to your apps



Demo Blocks


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Test Apk
numby.apk (5.3 MB)


Download Aix
Numby (10).aix (8.2 KB)


Nice Extension :+1:

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Nice Extension @UnknownBeast

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Nice Extension :wink:

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Nice extension @UnknownBeast . Looking forward for more updates in this aix

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Why the 8 get blocks are function? Normally we set them as properties

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nice extension @UnknownBeast :heart: :+1:

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updated post :slight_smile:

Nice extension @UnknownBeast , you may add aia/docs so users can know the usage of blocks.

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Awesome extension @UnknownBeast :+1::sunglasses:

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Hi ! I would like to report a strange bug concerning this extension.

Here are the error messages I get:

These errors appear when I want to change the text color, size and size of separators. If I deactivate the blocks which manage these options, I no longer have the errors but obviously no longer my style settings.
But that’s not all ! These errors appear on my Samsung Galaxy S7, not my Galaxy S21. On the Galaxy S21, everything works fine, without errors and without having to deactivate the blocks.

Do you have a solution to make it work well even on an old phone? Thank you !! :smiley:

minimum API Level requirement is API level 28+
you can check the Android Developers - API levels


Indeed, my Galaxy S7 is under Android 8, so not recent enough.

Thank you !

It doesn’t work on android 9 also

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Useful extension :+1:


Let me see…

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@dora_paz I found that :

Api level 29 is Android 10


Hi !

In my subject where I presented my application (here), @Vaibhav made me report a “bug”. You can click on a number on the wheel and modify it. Only, nothing happens once this number is modified.

How do I deactivate this option (if it really is)? Thank you !

You can set MinValue to 1 and do ur stuff if u want 0 not to appear

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It is not for the display of the 0, it is when you click on a number, the keyboard opens and you can modify it, but nothing happens afterwards