[O/S - apk + aia] Score Sheet

Hi all !

First of all, excuse my English, I’m using Google Translate to write to you ^^

Today, I present to you a small, unpretentious application that will allow you to take scores.
For all those who like to play board games (such as Scrabble, Uno, Qwirkle, etc…), this application will allow you to note the scores of each player.

Translated entirely into English, you should normally have no trouble understanding.

Its use is simple: start by entering the name of the game you are going to play, then add the players. From 1 to 10 players possible. Enter their names and validate! Then you can change each player’s avatar (by clicking on the image), add or remove points (by clicking on the name), change the player’s name (by swiping to the left). Everything is explained in the application when you go to the “About” section.

Here are some images and a video of the result:


ScoreSheet app - YouTube

And here is the link to download the application in .apk - Attention! You must have at least Android 10 for everything to work -:

ScoreSheet.apk (5.9 MB)

Google Play Store link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.plumedours.scoresheet

But that’s not all ! Because I make the entire project available! So you can download the .aia file and modify it at your convenience.

Modify, improve, add options, etc… You are free to do what you want! And if you wish, share your .aia project too with improvements that you have made!

Here are the links to download the translation files and the project in .aia, you are free to translate into other languages using the same model:

ScoreSheet.aia (822.0 KB)

files_trad.zip (3.3 KB)

If you want to use this application with a smartphone under Android less than 10, then you will have to deactivate the following blocks:

Thanks for this project go to:

Thank you again to all the people who take the time to help!

I hope the app will work well for the translation, if you have any problem, please let me know your feedback!

See you, Max.


Glad to see your app also source file



Thanks for using Flubbie, hoping to see some more people rock !

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Hello @plumedours
I had a quick hands-on to your app and as you mentioned earlier it’s a simple, small yet useful app.
Below are some suggestions/bug which you may consider to work upon in future updates.

  1. From my point of view evey dialogue appearing in the app should be identical and should have same theme as of your app. For example, the dialogue that appears asking the name of the game as shown :point_down:

  1. Why to have an option (‘0’ in the number picker wheel) when you cannot use/select it? :point_down:

  1. When I tap ‘Ok’ on the dialogue asking the name of the game, without entering any text, it simply takes a blanks text. You can validate this if you want.
    Also, on the same dialogue, if I tap ‘Cancel’ then the screen proceeds further and the name of the game is taken as ‘Cancel’. Instead nothing should happen if user taps on Cancel option. Am I right?
    Screen-recording :point_down:

  1. As a suggestion, when there is no list of players (no players added yet) then Delete list button should be disabled :point_down:

  1. I added 1 player already. Now when I am trying to add another players, the previously added player is removed. Is this expected?
    Screen-recording of the same :point_down:

  1. If I enter a period or full-stop or any other symbol like ‘-’, in the score text box then a Bad Argument error is thrown. You can validate such entries to avoid such errors :point_down:

  1. The entries on the number picker wheel are editable? Nothing happens though if tried to proceed further after editing(and the further result is as expected)

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Oh woaw! Thank you for this very complete and precise feedback!

You found some bugs that I didn’t spot, thank you very much!

To try to answer your questions:

  1. Good suggestion, to have a theme uniformity, I will see that all the dialogues are alike

  2. I have not succeeded in making that, if the selector is on 1 when opening the dialog to add players, it displays 1 textbox. So I added option 0 and as soon as you move the wheel on 1, it adds the textbox. I will try to find a solution to remove the 0, because as you say, there is no point in having it if you need at least 1 player.

  3. This is a bug, because if no game name is entered, normally there is the text “NO GAME” which should have been registered by default, I will see if I have not forgotten the line in the translation may be. And for the “cancel” button indeed, you’re right it should just close the popup, a condition omitted in my blocks!

  4. Another good suggestion, I will add this option!

  5. Yes I did it on purpose because if I didn’t do that, well the list of players already present repeated itself, and we end up with double the number of players. So I preferred to make sure to empty the list and suddenly we have to add all the players again.

  6. Severe bug, indeed! Do you have any idea how to avoid this? I admit that I didn’t think about trying special symbols, I just tried numbers …

  7. I hadn’t seen that we could click on a number of the wheel … It’s annoying because it creates a bug, I will see if it is possible to deactivate the touch on the number of the wheel.

A very big thank you to youn, @Vaibhav, for this feedback, it helps me a lot!


Hi all !

I’m proud, this app is finally available on the Google Play Store! You can download it here

Have fun !

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