OAuth via github is broken

Describe your issue

OAuth via github is broken · Issue #60 · Kodular/kodular.github.io

Steps to reproduce the issue

When i try to login woth oauth GH, kodular login page return an error

Expected Behaviour

successfull login

Actual Behaviour

login failed


This issue has been open for five months now and authentication via GitHub is still broken.
I can understand that not many people use GitHub for authentication (and that Kodular is a free product and all), but I would apprechiate at least some communication from the Devs on Bugs like theese.

Because please remember, this bug is actually rather big, because people who are logging in via GitHub havent been able to use Kodular at all for months. And if you think “well this topic has gained no traction and has only a few likes”, it can’t be that important, please remember that someone who can’t log in via GitHub is literally unable to post about it on the forum. (And on the discord because you also need to log in there.)