Object recognizer extension I want

I need an object recognition extension.i have tried look.

In this image first one is an app from playstore and second one is look. The first one worked well while look gave random results
I need an extension to get an output like first one.
I don’t want to display image or draw boxes.just printing object name is required.

Well if comparing then do it properly. Both images aren’t identical so it is not good to expect same result. Also note that second app has confidence threshold set to 0.4.

That is look extension
Somehow the identified space and stairs are wrong which has a more confidence level

Both images aren’t identical. Keep that in mind.

It has been published. No need to hide its name.

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i thought it was look as output was similiar

Where is this look extension?

From the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps

Look Extension Extension by MIT App Inventor. Adds object recognition using a neural network


anyone solve my problem.
i guess is should buy @vknow360 's extension

I still can’t understand what is the thing you are looking for. My extension provides the same thing you want. If you want to classify using a custom model then this feature can be implemented in extension as well.

I understand that Image Labeling and Object detection are different things but since you don’t need location of objects so labeling should be enough for you.

Ok I will buy it from you.

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